Technical Height Services

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The undeniable advantages of using rope access techniques are obvious, from savings in resources and drastic reductions in the time spent on works to the possibility of increasing access almost limitlessly.

The graph and table below compare the cost and time involved in carrying out an inspection of a mast using scaffolding or industrial rope access.


The calculation only includes the time taken to assemble the scaffolding in 4x2m units and does not include dismantling time. The industrial rope access technique includes the total time taken: inspection, assembly and dismantling of the equipment.

These characteristics make industrial rope access the ideal solution for carrying out technical inspections, non-destructive tests, maintenance works or simple routine inspections of all types of equipment and structures: Tanks, Containment Spheres, Silos, Boilers, Chimneys, Offshore Platforms, Flares, Steel Structures, High Voltage Pylons, Radio and Telecommunications Masts, Wind Turbines, Viaducts, Bridges, Buildings, Pipelines, etc – both internal and external inspections.

Industrial rope access is the ideal access technique where works need to be carried out in hard-to-reach places and where greater visual acuity is required when examining the parts to be inspected. The high degree of safety, the much lower costs and the improvement in the time spent on works mean that industrial rope access offers enhanced flexibility in working methods and produces results that meet the most demanding quality standards.